The Secret to Getting Organized

Have you ever felt like your “stuff” was literally staring at you?

Almost taunting you, like, “Hey, you! Look over here. Here I am. What are you going to do? Get rid of me!? Yeah, right. Why don’t you focus your attention on the food fight that just exploded at the kitchen table and I’ll just keep sitting here doing what I’m doing. I’m gonna do me and you do you. K? Good chat.”

SO annoying, right?

I know about this “staring contest” between you and your stuff because I have been there too.

When my husband and I were engaged, our family members threw us the typical parties and showered us with an abundance of gifts. After each party, the gifts would come back to my tiny house and sit on top of the dining room table. Every time I walked in the door I felt like this mountain of stuff was staring at me. Between the gifts, wedding decor DIY supplies and party favors, there was something on every surface in my dining room, kitchen and guest bedroom. I seriously felt like I was being eaten alive by stuff and my house soon became a disorganized MESS (and this was BEFORE we added THREE kids in 2.75 years to the bunch).

It began to wear on me mentally. I dreaded going home after work. I began eating out more, stopping by friends and family in the evening, shopping even (I seriously didn’t need MORE anything), just so I didn’t have to go home and face “the stuff”.

I needed to take back my home.

But man, it was tough to start. There always seemed to be something more pressing to do, but I really wanted my fiancée and I to start our married life out in a neat and organized home.

I knew I needed to make getting my home organized a PRIORITY.

The only way things were going to be different was if I CHANGED MY MINDSET.

And I did.

Yes, it was hard.

But, little by little, step-by-step I decluttered and organized my little heart out.

And it wasn’t the last time either. I have done it with each change in life. Every time a tiny human has come into our home, I’ve had to reassess and think about how we use each space and make sure organizing systems are in place to ensure our home is functioning as efficiently as possible.

So, I get it. I really really do.

In order for me to get to the organizing stage I had to do one thing:


I know you were expecting some HUGE revelation, right?

I know, I’m sorry. I wish it weren’t so simple.


When you make organizing a priority, you are making a decision to TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE. You are making a conscious decision to:

  1. GAIN time

  2. MAKE space

  3. FREE your mind from stress

I know that this may sound like a tall order, but I PROMISE it is true.

Organizing isn’t just about baskets, bins, and cute totes. Sure, those are the TOOLS you need to help make and keep you organized but it is way more than that.

It’s a mindset shift.

It is YOU deciding YOU are in control, not the clutter.

So how do you do this? How do you make organizing shoot to the TOP of your never-ending list?

Four Simple Steps to Prioritize Organizing

  1. Make the Commitment. When you have finally had enough of the piles of “stuff”, make a commitment to change. Like with most change in life, it’s easy to be motivated in the beginning, but when you don’t see the sort of results you want immediately, your confidence might wane or you may become uninterested.

  1. Say it Outload. I find that when I say things out loud, whether it’s to myself or someone else, it suddenly becomes real and I am more likely to push through the pain so I can get to the other side. There really is something about telling someone what you are doing that solidifies the act. The next time I see that person and they ask me how my organizing project is going, I can say to them that I’ve made progress. It somehow allows the other person to hold you to your word, which leads to the third step.

  1. Hold Yourself Accountable. It is important to find an accountability partner on your journey to organizing because you will reach bumps in the road that may frustrate you or make you want to give up. This person needs to be someone that you trust and someone you don’t mind getting feedback from. It could be your spouse, your friend, your neighbor; just someone that you know will get you back on track if and when you need it.

  1. Get the Skills to Organize. Some people have a natural gift when it comes to organizing and others do not. If you fall in the category of those that do not have the natural born gift, do not fret. Organizing is definitely something that can be taught, TRUST ME. I have provided counsel to hundreds of people as a professional organizer. I see organizing as a sequence of steps that done repetitively, will yield organizing magic. Those UNORGANIZED suddenly become ORGANIZED. It does take dedication and hard work, but I’ve seen it done!

I believe that organization cannot begin until you change your mindset about organizing and PRIORITIZE it. Because let’s face it, there will ALWAYS be something else to do besides getting organized. There will always be dishes to clean, bills to pay, phone calls to make, laundry to do (ugh), homework to help with and NEVER enough time to organize.

BUT, by making the commitment, saying it out loud, finding an accountability partner and learning the skills to organize, you will see results!

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