How To Pack Your Kids' Bags for Vacation Like a BOSS!!

"Hmmm, that’s cute.” I said sarcastically to my husband as I peered down at our then one-year-old little boy. “What is he wearing?” I asked. He looked at me with a questioning look. “I don’t know. Whatever shirts and shorts were in his suitcase,” he mumbled. Clearly, my husband had gone color blind. There he was, my one-year old little guy, standing in front of me with a yellow striped shirt and red plaid shorts with his little brown curls creating a halo effect around his head, like the angel that he was (he later turned into the spawn of something evil, but that is a different story), ready to go on our next vacation outing. Albeit, always adorable, the kid just didn’t look “put together” the way he does when I dress him. It actually looked like he dressed himself and NOT my husband. Now, that’s fine if my husband wants to dress himself like a weird version of Ronald McDonald. I support it. I encourage it, even. Well, maybe not. Even so, our little guy can’t be a victim to bad fashion and go out like that. After quickly going through the rummaged through suitcase, I changed my son’s shirt to one that went with the red plaid shorts and life moved on.

Does the above situation sound familiar? You are on vacation and out of routine. You might not be the person always dressing the kids. Someone else is rummaging through the suitcases and dressing them, picking out shorts and shirts YOU really wouldn’t put them in and you have to fix it. I know. I know what you are thinking. CONTROL FREAK! Call it a control issue. Call it micro-managing. I get it and I accept it. I just feel like if you look good, then you feel good. And if my kids look good, then they feel good AND I feel good as a mom - like at least I got that part of the day right! Everybody wins!

Anyhoo, that little exchange taught me something about packing for vacation, especially for our son (We’ve added two more little ones to the family since then, so organized packing is a MUST!). I put his clothes in Ziploc bags like any sane, hyper-organized, slightly OCD mom would do. BUT, I took it a step further and added a label with his name and the date to help myself out and anyone else that might be dressing our kids on vacation, like my husband, my mom, my mother-in-law, really any family members we might be spending time with that want to take part in wrangling a three-year-old, a one-year-old and newborn into clothes. I included the date as a way to eliminate decision making the morning of each vacation day and based the outfits on the planned activities we had going on. I also assigned a color to each child and added a colored decal to the sticker to note, with a quick glance, which bag of clothes belong to which child. If we were going to some place like the beach, I probably wouldn’t fill in the date line on the bag since the kids would be spending most of the time in bathing suits. However, if we are going to Disney or a destination where we had planned activities or excursions each day, then I would definitely get more organized since we would have our days planned in advance. Additionally, adding a label helped tremendously to avoid time wasted searching for coordinated articles of clothing and also kept everything in the suitcase organized, which is an organizing bonus!


This organization system has also come in handy for having three kids! I’m not sure about your kiddos but I have three boys and the younger ones wear the hand-me-downs. I know, it’s tough being the middle and youngest child in our house! To have the names and date of each child’s outfit is a life saver because sometimes, let’s face it, we all get mom brain and forget who is wearing what size right now. In order to avoid me fighting a three-year-old to put his shorts on TWICE, once because the original ones were too small and the other to put on the right size shorts, the labels on the Ziploc bags save me from a wrestling match.

So, for all future vacations my little guys will look like the charmers that they are - well-coordinated and so fresh and so clean clean!

With summer right around the corner, vacation season will be here before we know and to help all of you out there get ready, click on the link below to get your FREE labels. Use it the next time you are packing for your family vacation and if you are anything like me when it comes to being organized, you will see the benefit of these cute little labels! Because vacation is supposed to be relaxing and you can relax a little more knowing you didn’t leave your son’s bathing suit on the dresser to go on a cruise to the Caribbean! #truestory


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